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Why LED Lights are Perfect for Any Aircraft

While it’s true that there are a number of different lighting solutions available for your aircraft, and that each of them offers their own unique benefits to the overall design, aeroLED lights offer a superior solution. They hold a number of unique advantages not held by other lighting formats, especially when applied to aircraft, so let’s take a look at why you should be opting for LED.

LED is Light in Weight

LED lighting in any context offers a more compact and lightweight solution than most others, and in the context of an airplane, anything that reduces the overall weight of the craft is something worth looking at. Any excess weight on an airplane makes it more sensitive to gravity.

LED is Light on Power

AeroLED lighting is remarkably efficient where power is concerned, and with so many gadgets and devices on-board requiring it, anything that helps with more efficient consumption can make all the difference.

LED Lasts Much, MUCH Longer

LEDs offer an incomparable lifespan, and in many cases, are estimated to outlive the actual aircraft they are fitted to. This makes them remarkably cost effective in the long-run, regardless of how much you end up paying for them upon initial investment.

Consider the cost of having to constantly replace other lighting solutions, the cost of powering them, and of course the additional weight they add to the aircraft. When all of these are added up, it becomes easy to see how long term savings can be made with aeroLED lights on a plane.

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