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Your Safety and Trusting your Equipment

Your Safety and Trusting your Equipment

Spatial disorientation

A pilot suffering from spatial disorientation is unable to correctly interpret the aircraft’s speed, altitude or attitude. In a case such as this it is extremely important for the pilot to have full trust in their equipment and have reliable equipment on their aircraft. Something as simple as knowing which way is up and which way is down is a side effect of spatial disorientation, not having reliable aircraft equipment can lead to fatal mistakes.

Spatial disorientation is one of the leading reasons of airplane crashes, one of the latest being the fatal crash of a Japanese F-35A Jet. A few other notable mentions are Flight 604 of Flash Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines’ flight 409 and the famous probable spatial disorientation crashes being John F. Kennedy Jr’s crash.

If Pilots used aircraft equipment they could trust and believed in a lot of these crashes could have been avoided.


Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System otherwise known as Auto GCAS is software system that is installed in aircrafts that prevent the aircraft from crashing into the ground. It pulls the aircraft back up if it detects a dramatic decent. Auto GCAS software are particularly useful in case of the above mentioned spatial disorientation.


Century Avionics Aircraft Equipment

Howells H9900 series indicators

Accurate engine readings are a crucial for aircraft safety. Items like Howells H9900 series indicators give highly accurate engine readings. Engineered with the end-user in mind.


Century Avionics has a range of aircraft helmets. Aircraft helmets have multiple purposes, but most importantly used for protection and safety reasons. Crafted from top quality materials and face protection shields.



ELT is an emergency locator transmitter, in case of an aircraft crash the ELT will send an emergency distress signal. Although this device is only activated after the fact it can still save lives.


Aircraft Equipment Available at Competitive Prices


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