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Century NAVCOM

Avionics Design

Century Avionics boasts an experienced design organisation that professionally implements modifications and designs for avionics for a variety of aircraft types while seeing to it that the appropriate Supplemental Type Certificate applications for modification and development approvals are streamlined and met with success.

Scope of Approval the design organisation has been granted for:

(a) Changes and Repairs to small fixed-wing, small rotorcraft, sailplanes and powered sailplanes, VLA and VLR related to avionics, instruments, electrical sub-systems, and avionic auxiliary equipment, with the necessary electronic installations.

(b) Development of STC for new installations, upgrades, changes and repairs to small fixed-wing, small rotorcraft, sailplanes and powered sailplanes related to avionics, instruments, electrical subsystem, and avionic auxiliary equipment, with necessary electronic installations.

Categories of product: Small fixed-wing, small Rotorcraft and Sailplanes

List of Products: General Aviation avionics approvals and certifications


(a) The holder of this organisation’s approval shall be entitled to perform design activities under Part 21 and within its scope of approval.

b) Subject to the provision of relation 147.01.4, any document submitted to the Director in terms Part 21 by the holder of a design organisation approval to design products, parts and appliances, or changes thereto, for the purpose of obtaining) a supplement-type certificate;

c) The holder of approval to design products or changes thereto shall be entitled to, within its terms of approval, classify design changes as ”major” or ”minor” under a procedure approved by the Director;

ii) Obtain approval of minor design changes under modification procedures approved by the Director and issue corresponding information or instructions containing a statement that the technical.

iii) Issue information or instruction not associated with changes except for actions required under Part 21.

Limitations: Limited to scope of approval

Appointed as a Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR)

Morne Cilliers has been appointed as the designated person in terms of Civil Aviation Act, 2009 (Act No. 13 of 2009). The powers of the authorised person in the execution of his duties prescribed are in Part 185 of the Civil Aviation Regulations, 2011 or its successor in title. Engineering specialities include avionics, instrumentation and Electrical Minor Modifications.

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