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Cruising in style

Cruising on thin air, way above the clouds. Simply enjoying the ever blue skies that surround you and you feel like the king or the queen of the world.

We understand your passion for the skies and that’s why we have devoted this company to making  flying comfortable. Having the right tools and specs always helps each pilot to feel at home in their cockpit.


We offer a wide selection of branded products that include GPS systems and direction indicators; PFDs; flight displays; advisory systems and more.

The variety of products allows for every plane to be equipped with the most up to date products available on the market.

Making cruising above the clouds easy and comfortable for all pilot that purchases the products that we have to offer.


Creating the look you desire and the dream that you have always wanted, is what we pride ourselves on.

Looking after the applications, development and modifications on your aircraft to develop the specifications you have been looking for, is a huge part of the pride of our service. Each plane is treated with total passion by all members responsible for the design of your aircraft, thus ensuring that each pilot gets the utter most satisfaction from the end result.

Care for wild life

As poaching of animals in our wild life parks and game reserves grow rapidly, we wish to eliminate the treat and save the lives of our animals.

This ensures that the next generation can interact and see the beautiful animals, the amazing Highfield has to offer.

Improving the poaching of animals is done by training members in aviation operations to make sure each pilot is prepared and ready for the conservation of our animals.

Opt for us

 Century Avionics, is where you can get exactly what you need for your aircraft. It also allows the opportunity for pilots to upgrade their aircrafts to their specifications thus resulting in optimal satisfaction.

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