Our Certification Department is well on their way to becoming a force to be reckoned with! The Design Organisation is a formidable, qualified and experienced in-house team, looking after Avionics STC Application, Development and Modification.  Approvals are handled with ease. Design Organisation Approved SACAA Approval number: DO688 TEL: +27 (0) 11 701-3244 Quality Assurance Manager: Gary… Continue Reading

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We specialise in general avionics sales, installations, maintenance, support and modifications through our design organisation for certified and non-certified aircraft. We represent a host of mainstream and specialised dealerships. Continue Reading

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Welcome to Century Avionics

South Africa’s Century Avionics has ambitious goals this year, from continuing to expand its business to enhancing operator avionics training to supporting the conservation of endangered wildlife. Located at Lanseria International Airport, the service center specializes in general aviation avionics for fixed- and rotary winged aircraft. Being in business for nearly 40 years, Century Avionics is the largest and oldest privately owned avionics facility in Southern Africa, according to the three owners.

We offer a wide range of avionic solutions for most general aviation platforms including fixed- and rotor wing glass cockpit upgrades. We excel in Avionics Sales/Marketing, Installations, Repairs/Maintenance, Support and Certification to the highest standards.  Private aircraft owners flying for business comprises the core of Century Avionics’ customer base. The company has a large footprint servicing corporate customers such as AMOs, charter operators, aircraft manufacturers and a number of government and/or military projects also eagerly eyeing various opportunities, including the growing leisure and sport aviation category.

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Recent Projects



Attitude, altitude, airspeed, slip data and optional terrain, synthetic vision, obstacles, heading and navigation makes the ESI 500 the ultimate all-in-one backup instrument.

3″ round case and compact design allows for easy installation into existing panel cutouts while being cost effective.


G600 with GAD43e

G600 with GAD43e

The GAD 43e adapter unit offers enhanced autopilot interface capabilities for the G600/G500 flight display systems.  The dual-screen G600 works with your avionics stack, pairing both a primary flight display (PFD) and a multi-function (MFD) display in a single 10-inch wide bezel to provide a fully certified upgrade option for your cockpit.

STEC 2105

Genesys Aerosystems S-TEC 2105

  • Superior Aircraft Management: From wheels up to touchdown, 3-axis digital autopilot reduces pilot workload while flying IMC.

  • Enhanced Safety: Precision you need when flying an instrument approach down to minimums.

  • Greater Reliability: 100% digital, with solid-state gyros and advanced servos and sensors.

  • Powerful Performance: For piston twins, turbine twins, and light jets that need to smoothly handle busy airspace, especially around commercial airports.



Packed full of powerful avionics, GTN 750 is a fully integrated GPS/NAV/COM/MFD solution ready and approved for installation in hundreds of makes and models of aircraft, including helicopters by the U.S.' FAA, Europe's EASA, Canada's TCCA and Brazil's ANAC authorities. The more than 6-inch tall system’s intuitive touchscreen controls and large display give you unprecedented access to high-resolution terrain mapping, graphical flight planning, geo-referenced charting, traffic display, multiple weather options, connectivity, advanced navigation and more.



GTN 650 is a fully integrated solution in a small package that’s ready and approved for installation today in hundreds of makes and models aircraft, including helicopters by the U.S.’ FAA, Europe’s EASA, Canada’s TCCA and Brazil’s ANAC authorities. It combines GPS, COM and NAV functions with powerful multifunction display capabilities such as high-resolution terrain mapping, graphical flight planning, advanced navigation, multiple weather options, connectivity, traffic display and much more.

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