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Ground Power Units & How They Work

A ground power unit (GPU) is a form of ground support equipment (GSE) that is used to power up an unpowered aircraft while it is still on an airport runway, an airfield, or anywhere on the floor. It’s just like another maritime electricity or coastline power sources which are used for vessels that are moored in port and have their engines switched off. GPUs are viewed as critical ground handling and aircraft assistance machines since they allow airport handlers and personnel to service aircraft without the need for running them, thus conserving expensive fuel charges. Ground power units are also used for aircraft screening and maintenance procedures that need the brief use of an aircraft’s electronic and hydraulic systems. Additionally, they are developed to switch on the plane and put it into its preparatory stages; this is where the aircraft’s auxiliary power unit (APU) is switched on. Usually, an aircraft employs its APU to power it’s electrical, electronic, hydraulic, and related systems; this also applies its APU to start its engines and help them operate on their own power.

Ground power units are usually used in the civilian and military aircraft industries, where they allow for tasks to be accomplished that need a stable and prepared supply of outdoors energy. Civilian uses can consist of parking and hangar transfers, resupplying of aircraft fuel, cargo or material management, and passenger compartment maintenance work. They generally come equipped with the required equipment and tools for power generation and transfers such as cables, converters, and inverters, switch gears, mobile generators, high-power batteries, and electrical management and protection mechanisms.

Century Avionics

These often forgotten heroes of the aviation industry ensure that power and in turn safety are always at a premium on the aircraft it is used on. Visit us at Century Avionics for all your aviation equipment needs today!

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