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Helicopter Helmets – Much More Pilots Wear

Of all the devices needed to go up in a helicopter, the helmet could possibly be the most vital.  It gives protection to the head, eyes, and face whereby debris and particles are not harming or obstructing the line of vision of the pilot. In addition, it holds the system necessary to effectively communicate with people on the aircraft.  The loud propeller sound is also another thing to contemplate; a good helmet can eradicate that noise.  Safety should constantly be a high priority when airborne in any sort of aircraft.  The very best helmets around, equipped with everything that they need for the flight are a vital piece of equipment for both beginners and experienced pilots.  Selecting the right helicopter helmets can be effortless with a little bit of research. Ensuring your final selection is a lot easier.

With the universal nature of today’s modern technological know-how, there are numerous options available to those considering purchasing a helicopter helmet.  While making it a lot simpler to communicate with individuals around you like the co-pilot or any passengers, the helmet has to serve the dual purpose of softening the noises the helicopter makes.  This is attained via a specially engineered system of microphones, speakers, padding, as well as wiring.  Both passive and active noise cancelling solutions are obtainable, normally requiring installation.  To begin with, however, one needs to start with the customary helmet itself.

Right down to the visor, these helicopter helmets are completely and widely customizable.  It is even possible to include highly useful lavish features like Bluetooth capability and smart phone integration to make communication a lot less challenging.  Possessing a fully operative control centre in the helmet is a critical component that all aviators need.  You’ll find a couple of choices, passive and active, in noise cancelling systems available depending on the pilot’s needs.

Century Avionics

At Century Avionics we are proud to supply the aviation industry with a wide range of pilot helmets as well as all your other aviation needs. Visit us today and be more than ready for your next day in the skies.


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