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Aviation Accidents

Although known to be one of the safest methods of transport, accidents do occur, and although it is not a common occurrence in the aviation industry, accidents occur regularly enough to propel us to learn and improve from them. The reality is that aircraft transport human lives, including pilots, and we have to take every precaution available to ensure their safety at all times.

When one typically thinks of plane crashes in aviation industry news, there is often an assumption that it was a vessel that fell out of the air and crashed. What is often overlooked is the fact that crashes can occur just as easily, and dangerously, while the plane is on the ground, and even stationary. As a result of this, it is always important to be aware of the various ways in which you can stay safe while grounded.

In aviation industry news on 13 November 2022, a South African Airways

aircraft was being towed on the runway and accidentally collided with a stationary FlySafair aircraft. In this instance it was the towing mechanism that broke, causing the plane to veer off into the stationary FlySafair plane. Thankfully no passengers or crew were injured, but the damage could have been far worse, than the already costly expense of a damaged plane.

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Safety Tips While Grounded

Here are some important points from the experts to keep in mind to stay safe while grounded:

If you want to be on the runway at an airport, make sure that you listen to any communications about the area from air traffic control. Consider how much traffic will be in that area, and how you can be grounded in the safest way possible despite the traffic.

With this information in mind, situational awareness of the area around you cannot be overemphasised. Assessing the actual conditions around you, from moment to moment, can make all the difference to your and the aircraft’s safety.

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