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The Benefits of Upgrading Your Glass Panel

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Glass Panel

As time passes, and technology grows and improves, we replace outdated appliances with new and improved ones. This extends from televisions, cell phones, laptops, cars, tablets and so much more. This is no different when it comes to your plane and some of its on-board technology, as well as certain types of equipment. Some aspects may be difficult to say “goodbye” to, but it will be worth it for a better and safer flying experience.

Glass Panel Upgrade

There are two different types of panel upgrades: a partial panel upgrade and a full panel refurbishment. Each of these has some pros and cons and that will also depend on you and the aircraft in question. However, it is advised that before you make a definite decision that you complete more research to be able to make a more responsible solution that is in the best interests of the aircraft. An upgrade might seem like a costly venture, however, it is worth it to prevent expensive system failures further down the line.

Glass Panel Upgrade Options

A partial panel upgrade is typically best suited for your aircraft if it is relatively new still or if it has previously gone for some partial avionic upgrades. This upgrade includes installing digital display units as it does not normally have integration issues. This this is a cost effective option. Whereas the full panel refurbishment is done to give the aircraft a factory new panel. This process includes removing all the wiring, avionics and instruments and adding new displays and radios. This option is more costly, but the plane is offered a new look and feel that is best suited for the owner.

The Benefits

The benefits of going through with a panel upgrade include, keeping your aircraft in great flying condition and preventing certain kinds of failure down the line. If you experience a panel failure of some kind, it is a good indicator that you will more than likely experience other failures soon. It could prevent large costs to undergo repairs. You can upgrade certain aspects of the panel in different stages, as when needed instead of having your aircraft grounded for one large amount of time.

Century Avionics

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