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Aviation Lighting

Aviation Lighting

The below describes the various kinds of lighting that appear on commercial aircrafts. The colour, location, and use of lights are described and when they are used.

Definitions & Types

On a freeway, vehicles travel in two directions and at the same sort of speed, making them easy to spot. However, in the sky, aeroplanes travel in a number of directions – east, west, north, south, and everything in between. This means that for safety and to avoid collisions, aircrafts are required to be easy to spot in the evening sky.

Because of the significance of making aeroplanes identifiable in the evening, the exterior lighting is a standard. Main types of lighting on aeroplanes are strobe lights, landing lights, anti-collision lights and navigation lights. These lights serve a crucial function and depending on the kind of flight, all of these lights are required on all aircrafts.

Colour & Placement

The most recognized lights on an aircraft are the navigation or position lights. These lights are situated on the wingtip and are white, green and red. The navigation light on the left side is usually red, and the one on the right is green. The last navigation light is on the tail or the aeroplane and is white.

The colour of these lights aid pilots in establishing the direction the aircraft is going, as well as to help follow right-of-way rules.

The anti-collision strobe lights are also an easily recognizable light. These lights flash and are also located on the wing for small aircrafts and on the fuselage for bigger aircraft. The strobe lights are intended to draw attention, ensuring that it is visible at night or in poor visibility.

The revolving beacon is an extremely important light. This light is red and may be seen on the belly of the fuselage and the tail. The light is activated before the engine starts and is left on until the engine turns off.

The landing light is one of the most powerful lights on an aircraft. This light is seen from many miles away when an aircraft is on its way to the runway land.


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