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Product Review: Bose A20 ProFlight Series 2 Headset

The Bose A20 ProFlight Series 2 headset is the ideal gadget for aircraft of all types thanks to their offers on superior audibility while in the air. Complete with a string of excellent features and cutting-edge specifications, they are the ideal addition to any pilot’s repertoire of useful gadgets.

Bluetooth Operation

The ProFlight Series 2 connects seamlessly with multiple Bluetooth devices including mobile phones, audio systems and electronic flight bags.

This also allows for audio prioritisation, which mixes Bluetooth with intercom transmissions so that the one can be muted while the other is active.

Light but Tough

Weighing in at just 4.5 ounces, the Series 2 headset provides more comfort for longer flights.

But don’t let its weight fool you, these devices are also incredibly durable and will last a long time, and the device comes with a 5-year global warranty.

A lighter and more flexible cable also provides the wearer with more freedom of movement while in the air.

Custom User Settings for Digital Noise Cancellation

The ProFlight Series 2 headset can be configured to match the surroundings and the user through an intuitive and ergonomic control module.

This provides the user with up to three different levels of active noise cancellation to suit the sound output of the craft being piloted.

Noise cancellation is further enhanced through the use of tap control for talk-through communication, for clear and uninterrupted communication while in the air.

A Full-Control Centre from a Single Mobile App

Bluetooth operation and prioritisation for the ProFlight Series 2 can be seamlessly controlled through the Bose Connect App to allow for audio sharing, connection and pairing management and integration with intercom transmissions to temporarily mute Bluetooth when required.

This gives pilots more control over what they hear in the air, all from a single mobile app.

Get Your Own at Century Avionics Today

If you are interested in getting the Bose A20 ProFlight Series 2 headset for yourself, take a look at our selection of Bose headsets at Century Avionics, or visit our website for further details on our offers.

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