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Choosing the right company for all your avionic needs.

Choosing and purchasing aviation products can get technical and costly, we talk about why choosing a trusted brand is essential, why avionics is so important and why you should always buy under warranty.

Why is choosing a trusted brand so essential?

When you are 1000 feet in the air, having a trusted brand is crucial. Stick to the best and not the cheapest as you want quality brands you can trust. Asking around and doing your research on the best brands on the market is a great idea. Good brands also last longer than the cheaper ones, especially with avionics, which equates to improved value for money, thanks to an increased lifespan.

Why are avionics so important?

Dealing with an aircraft’s technology is no joke. You need to fully ensure the safety of all crew and individuals on board and that starts with having the latest up to date technology to ensure the plane runs smoothly. This technology must be checked regularly and upgraded frequently. Avionics is the brain of the plane and needs to be handles with the utmost care.

Why is it important to buy a product under warranty?

Buying a product under warranty is a necessity. If there is a manufacturers fault or a break on the product, having peace of mind in knowing you can get it replaced or repaired in no time is what you need as dealing with avionics can get quite expensive.

For all your avionic needs, Contact Century Avionics.

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