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Customising the Twin Otter DHC-6

Customising the Twin Otter DHC-6

Originally designed as a Canadian utility craft, the Twin Otter DHC-6 has grown in popularity since its first flight in the mid 60’s. Because of this, the craft is often used as a luxury 19-seater plane for private pilots who are looking for a cost-effective although luxury craft. As aircrafts go, the DHC-6 is highly customisable to suit the specifications of its owner, and this is the case in terms of its interior, navigation and avionics equipment, as well as its iconic seaplane floats. If you own or are looking at procuring a DHC-6 for your own use, then you might be excited to learn just how modifiable they are. Here are a few examples to whet your appetite.

Amphibious Seaplane Floats

Seaplane floats with high dead-rise bottoms provide buoyancy and superior handling to the craft in high seas and winds, and also facilitate no-flap landings for increased safety to the pilot and passengers. Seaplane floats can also come with the addition of breaching gear which makes manoeuvring during taxying safer and easier, while replaceable wear strips make it simple to conduct routine maintenance for ensured performance.

Navigation and Avionics

Twin Otter DHC-6’s can be fitted with an array of functional avionics components designed to make the flight time more comfortable, economic and well planned. These devices may include navigational equipment such as Garmin GPS, as well as weather detection, communication and onboard networking technology.

Reworking the Interior

The customisability of the Twin Otter’s interior is what makes this craft capable of transforming into a luxury one. While an overhaul of the plane’s interior is generally only a necessity once the currently installed one begins to wear, it can be renovated with a custom layout and design, smoothly finished and reclining comfort seats with full-swivel and arm-rest functionality, as well as side-tables, writing surfaces and a private lavatory. These upgrades, of course, depend on the preferences of the plane’s owner. Even seating configurations can be altered, ranging from 8 to 10 seats depending on the user’s preference and needs.

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