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There is more to Becoming an Aircraft Mechanic than You Think

There is more to Becoming an Aircraft Mechanic than You Think

You will need to be 18 years or older in order to become an aircraft mechanic, you will need to be able to read, write and understand English. You will also need to have at least a year and a half of actual experience working with airframes or airplane power plants, or at least 30 months of working on both airframes and airplane power plants. If you do not have the above, do not worry, there is another option; you can graduate from a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-Approve Aviation Maintenance Technician School.

Much like when you become a pilot, you will also have to pass the FAA written, practical and oral exams in order to become certified. There are some mechanic job types where they will require further training and testing. If you do not have the correct certifications, you will only be able to do aviation-related work supervised by a person who has the appropriate ratings. Without the appropriate certifications, you will not be able to approve aircraft, engine, airframes, appliances, propellers or parts for return to service.

Below are the required skills you will need when becoming an aircraft mechanic:

  • Detail-oriented – Aircraft mechanics will have to work to very high and precise standards, paying careful attention to the smallest parts and detail. Ensuring that each part is in the right condition and place is extremely important.
  • Technical skills – Another part of being an aircraft mechanic will require you to read gauges and instruments, so having the ability to understand how diagnostics and these type of instruments work is crucial.
  • Manual skills – Being an aircraft mechanic is a very hands-on job, in this field mechanics will need to be adept at using their hands to work accurately and quickly with many different components.
  • Troubleshooting – Often when a mechanic is called, it is due to something breaking or not working properly. Being an aircraft mechanic means being able to dig and find the root of the problem and find a solution for it.

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