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Welcome to Century Avionics David Clark troubleshooting site, please see below for help. If the below instructions do not resolve your headset trouble, please drop us an e-mail at [email protected] or [email protected].

Avoid wearing ball caps or wide-frame eyeglasses which can degrade ear seal and headset performance. When wearing eyeglasses, our Stop Gap, Temple Cushions add comfort and help to seal openings and prevent noise from leaking through ear seals from eye glass frames.

Yes, the head pad and ear seals can be removed from the headset for cleaning and/or replacement. Clean with mild soap and water, then dry thoroughly.

Your headset is stereo compatible but the aircraft is not. The stereo/mono switch maybe located in the control module or at the base of the “Y” cord, depending on your headset model. Slide the switch to the “Mono” or “M” setting and you be able to hear in both ears.

To clean the brass plugs found on older David Clark Company headsets, use a brass cleaning solution or mild abrasive. This will oftentimes improve the quality of transmission and reception.

David Clark Company ENC battery powered modules run off either one 9-volt battery (-XL Series) or two (2) ‘AA’ batteries (DC PRO-X). Average battery life for the 9-volt battery is 25 hours. Average battery life for the two (2) AA batteries is 50 hours. Please note that the actual battery life you receive is dependent on activities such as music listening, phone calls, etc., and also the levels of ambient noise in your aircraft during flight.

Yes, the Model H10-13Y headset is designed for youth or petite head sizes.

All aviation headsets are covered by a 5-year warranty, backed by the best customer service in the industry.

Yes, David Clark Company ENC headsets feature a Fail-Safe design and the headset will continue to function as a passive noise-attenuating headset should the batteries run down.

Contact our Customer Service department at 1-800-298-6235 or 508-751-5800. They will provide the necessary information for you to send your headset to David Clark Company for evaluation. Once your headset has been evaluated, Customer Service will provide you with an itemized repair/reconditioning estimate prior to beginning any work. The actual cost for reconditioning your older headset can vary, based on part replacement costs and the condition of the headset.

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