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Navigating The Sky: The best Navigational Equipment for your Air Craft


Few pieces of equipment on an aircraft are more important than those that serve to support its navigation systems. If you are the proud owner of your own craft, then you have probably been faced with the overwhelming choices between navigation and mapping equipment at some point, which has made it difficult for you to select the solution that best suits your needs.

That is why we here at Century Avionics, have come up with a list of cost-effective, reliable and functional navigation tools that you could have fitted to your craft today:

The Garmin GMA 345

Garmin has been a longstanding beacon of direction in the twenty first century, pioneering navigational technology for all types of transport, and their new GMA 345 makes use of their developments and other technological innovations such as Bluetooth, USB inputs and audio jacks.

It has been rated a fairly cost-effective solution thanks to its ‘slide-in’ upgrade system, and will see you to the correct destination safely.

The G3X Touch 7

Garmin’s G3X Touch 7 brings style and functionality to aircraft navigation with a touch display that supports multiple functionality. It also makes use of Bluetooth and Connext for wireless flight information transfers.

You can also upgrade fairly easily to the G3X Touch 7 thanks to pin-compatible connectors which require very little modification.

The full colour, touch sensitive display is user friendly and clearly relays flight details and information to its user thanks to a standalone, 7 portrait display.

The G1000 NXi

The G100NXi is a further development of the G1000, and has been 3 years in the making. It has been gifted with performance enhancements, a modernised display and provides wireless cockpit connectivity, easy system upgrades, weather radar capabilities, a frequency identity display and more.

The G1000 NXi also offers a weight saving of around 250 pounds, which frees up weight for other accessories or additional baggage. These devices all come with a 2-year warranty and offer an integrative solution for communications, connectivity and navigation for your aircraft.

GLO for Aviation iPad

Enjoy full connectivity when using the Garmin navigation system of your choice with the GLO for Aviation iPad. It allows you to connect any portable device to your Garmin GPS using GPS/GLONASS receivers and Bluetooth, so that you can view real-time information, navigation and flight details from your phone or tablet.

For more information on obtaining and installing any of these navigational tools to your craft, or if you are looking for other aviation gadgets and accessories, feel free to contact Century Avionics for more information. Also, be sure to take a look at their website and browse their online aviation shop for more useful avionic solutions, useful blogs, information about new products or simply more details on old, current and developing technologies.

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