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A Look Inside the World of Inflight Internet

A Look Inside the World of Inflight Internet

In Flight internet

Wi-Fi is found pretty much anywhere these days from restaurants and shopping malls, to doctor’s rooms and bars. People cannot live without their smartphones; they need to check if anyone commented on their super funny status or tweet or if anyone liked their slightly inappropriate bikini pic. Even without Wi-Fi, people can still access these sites but they consume high levels of data, this is why people love Wi-Fi. Imagine how we would protect trees if they gave off Wi-Fi, but they just give off Oxygen that we need to breathe, so, meh, not too important.

One thing that kind of puzzles me is that Wi-Fi is now available on airplanes. Weren’t we not supposed to have our phones on during a flight? Not even if it’s on flight mode? People used to be shunned by other passengers for even switching their phone on while the aircraft was parking.

Although inflight internet offers an array of features like flight information, you can watch the plane move on the live map, you can inform the person fetching you of any delays but the main aim of inflight internet for the consumer is to kill time. There’s nothing worse than being bored out of your mind on a long flight where the headphones don’t work properly unless you shove a sweet packet or something in between the loose connection. Inflight movies can also only keep you entertained for so long and then you need something else.

The problem with in flight internet is the speed and the price. In flight internet runs at about the same speed as your internet on your smart phone. This is pretty quick but remember, its only you using the connection. When you are on a 16-hour flight from Johannesburg to New York with 300 odd other passengers, this speed slows considerably. Between the teenage Instagram model, the Facebook obsessed grandmother and the guy who is trying to download a full length Bluray movie, there is hardly any internet left for you to open and read 1 simple email or download that attachment that you have been waiting for from Bob. Inflight internet is also pretty pricey when you look what you are paying vs what you are getting.

If you would like to install inflight internet on your aircraft so you can send and receive emails, monitor weather and browse the web, Century Avionics have got all the solutions you need. Visit their website today or drop by to their offices in Lanseria, Johannesburg.


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