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The Importance of Regular Aircraft Maintenance

The Importance Of Aircraft Maintenance

The Importance Of Regular Aircraft Maintenance:

Aircraft maintenance is a procedure that needs to be systematic and consistent, with aircrafts demanding regular check-ups to ensure that they are safe to operate. Even brand new aircrafts need to be inspected before they are allowed to accommodate and transport passengers. Aircrafts are multifaceted pieces of engineering, and even the slightest article out of place or a gadget not attached correctly, and even a bit of debris or residue in the mechanical parts of the aircraft, can be enough to make the transporting of people unsafe, putting the passengers’ lives in jeopardy. There have been a number of high-profile cases in recent times of aircraft mishaps triggered by a lack of proper and thorough maintenance. And for this reason, airlines today are making efforts in making explicitly certain that they give their aircrafts all the maintenance they require.

Due to this demand, there are several new jobs being made available in the field of aircraft maintenance. Aircraft maintenance is a specialised field that necessitates training. The comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the aircraft mechanics, avionics, and the structural aspects will be required and taught. There will be job training under the observation of senior aircraft maintenance engineers as well, to certify that students are executing tasks everything properly. It will be assured that students are groomed to be experts of maintenance in their own regard before they are permitted to graduate and be certified maintenance professionals.

Once they have graduated, their specialised and meticulously practised skills will create a demand for them in the aircraft maintenance field. They will then be able to get jobs with either commercial and/or private airlines. Chartered and corporate airlines will be able to hire them as well. The starting salary varies depending on the region, however, it is above average among other maintenance professions. Additionally, the job offers security and stability for those who enter this field, and as long as there are still airplanes, there will always be people who are needed to maintain them.

Although most aircraft maintenance is done behind the scenes, at times some of it might be done on the runway. Passengers, more often than not, tend to get a great sense of security when seeing their aircraft being inspected and examined before they embark on their journey. Knowing that maintenance personnel are maintaining the safety of their aircraft generally, makes them hold the airline in a higher regard.

Aircraft maintenance engineers have long been the unsung heroes in the aviation industry. Without them, the aviation industry would cease to exist. Anyone who is proactive, applied and looking for a stable and secure occupation would certainly do well in a career in aircraft maintenance.

Century Avionics is the largest privately owned avionics facility in South Africa, formed back in 1978 and is based at the Lanseria International Airport. Century Avionics specialises in the general avionics installations, maintenance, sales support and modifications through their design organisation for certified and even non-certified aircrafts. The integrity of Century Avionics’ staff, the utilization of contemporary test equipment and well-equipped workshops is what enables this facility to provide undisputable service and support within the aviation industry.

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