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Formula One’s relevance to aviation: What is the connection Between Them?

You often hear about the connection avionics has with the batty technology that drives the insane world of Formula One. The science of impeccable lightweight materials entered Formula One after it was successful in the Aeronautical industry. The eerie dark art that is aerodynamics used to make Aeroplanes and Jets take off the ground and stay afloat soon found itself having a hand in the hasty world of Formula One in the ultimate pursuit for speed. But that’s not the only technology aviation has had to share with Formula One.

Have you ever wondered how the plucky, intelligent souls that are Formula One drivers and engineers cope with terabytes of soundwaves passing through their ears every tenth of a second? Well, one other thing the nutheads back in Formula One have in common with the avionics world is the use of aviation headsets. Yeah, crazy! Drivers and Pilots alike are exposed to preposterous amounts of noise pollution, maybe enough to have you deaf by the age of 30. A terrifying revelation, well not if you use our noise cancelling Bose headsets with active noise control engineering.

In the aviation environment, noise-cancelling headphones increase the signal-to-noise ratio significantly more than passive noise attenuating headphones or no headphones, making hearing important information such as safety announcements easier. Noise-cancelling headphones can improve listening enough to completely offset the effect of a distracting concurrent activity.

Here at Century Avionics we provide a wide range of noise cancelling headphones from Bose that reduce the unwanted ambient sounds using the active noise control engineering at an affordable price. We cater for small and large airlines, and if by any chance you need some for your racing team we can also assist you.

Contact Century Avionics  to purchase your nose cancelling Bose headsets today!

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