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Crucial Types of Lighting on an Aircraft

When one considers the roaring engines and sleek designs of aircraft, people don’t typically think about the lighting on it. While this is fair enough in the face of all that specialised gadgetry, aircraft lighting plays an essential role in its functionality and safety. Here’s how:

Position Strobes and Beacons

Position lights generally come either as strobes or as beacons, and are also either white in colour, or red. They serve the primary function of helping other craft and towers to identify them visually, especially at night. They are typically placed on the wings and tail of the plane.

Recognition Lights

Recognition lights are generally used to help identify the type of aircraft they are fitted to, and in cases where a logo is displayed on the craft, to illuminate it. They also flash in particular patterns depending on the manufacturer and size of the class, but there is no particular pattern code that is followed.

Taxi & Landing Lights

Taxi lights have a wider beam than landing ones and are used to illuminate the runway or taxiway while moving through it. Landing lights, which need to perform this same task but from a distance, need to have a narrower, more focused beam.

Courtesy Lights

Courtesy lights aren’t always installed on an aircraft, but when they are, are generally fitted beneath the wings to illuminate the areas in front of the cabin door. This generally adds to convenience when entering and exiting the craft, particularly in poorly lit areas.

Contact Century Avionics for Details

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