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Avidyne Vantage™ Flight Displays

Avidyne Vantage™ Flight Displays provide large-format glass retrofit solutions for General Aviation, and will initially be certified for Entegra-equipped Cirrus.

Avidyne Corporation announced the new Avidyne Vantage™ Flight Display Systems today, and disclosed that their first Vantage certification program will be a dual 12-inch diagonal upgrade for legacy Cirrus aircraft with the Entegra Flight Deck. Avidyne Vantage features synthetic vision, hybrid touch user interface, dual-AHRS MFD reversion, and much more.

“We are incredibly excited to introduce Vantage as an innovative option for GA pilots seeking to update their flight decks,” said Avidyne President, Dan Schwinn. “We’ve challenged ourselves to provide large displays that are even easier to use than our earlier products, while being more capable and functional than anything we have done before. Eventually the Avidyne Vantage product line will include a wide range of display sizes and levels of functionality, and certification across a wide range of aircraft and associated legacy equipment. Vantage provides pilots with an uncluttered interface and beautiful design with powerful capabilities that dramatically enhance situational awareness and make flying safer and more enjoyable.”

“Avidyne Vantage will be launched into the retrofit market as an upgrade for Entegra-equipped Cirrus, where there are roughly 4,000 aircraft of late 2002-to-mid-2008 vintage,” said John Talmadge, Avidyne’s Vice President of Worldwide Sales.  “Cirrus owners upgrading to Vantage will enjoy the only option available for 12” touchscreen displays for any Cirrus and will include Avidyne’s unique hybrid touch interface and tight integration with Avidyne IFD-series navigators and DFC autopilot. They’ll also appreciate the upgrade from 10” to 12” size and higher resolution XGA displays, standard synthetic vision capability, and well as dual AHRS with MFD reversion and split-screen capability.”

“The Vantage upgrade for Cirrus aircraft will initially be certified with a dual IFD-series GPS/NAV/COMs and DFC90 autopilot configuration, and it will be compatible with all configurations of Cirrus engine instruments and other Cirrus factory installed equipment, without any requirement for costly unlocks or enablements,” Talmadge added.

About Avidyne Vantage™

Avidyne Vantage Flight Display Systems are designed for forward fit and retrofit applications in a variety of applications and display formats.  Vantage displays provide significant display size, brightness, and processor performance improvements over legacy systems while retaining the ease of use that is synonymous with the Avidyne brand. Vantage includes 3D Synthetic Vision display of nearby terrain, traffic, obstacles, airports, and flight plan overlay, plus a hybrid touch user interface that allows pilots to control the system with touch screen or dedicated knobs and buttons.

Avidyne’s first certification of Vantage displays will be as a retrofit for Cirrus aircraft equipped with the Entegra PFD and MFD flight deck. The Vantage PFD for the Cirrus will be very familiar to current Entegra owners in terms of ease and methods of operation, with a minimal transition learning curve. The Vantage MFD will provide full and split screen displays of Maps and Flight plans, Jeppesen Approach Charts and Airport Diagrams, multiple user configurations, editable datablocks, checklists, and will share much of the same operational user interface as the popular IFD550/540/440 FMS/ GPS/ NAV/ COM systems.  Avidyne Vantage will interface with existing engine instruments and SIU for engine instruments displayed on the Vantage MFD, or with newer DAUs that add primary engine instruments displayed on the Vantage PFD.

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