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A Plane as a Machine

Understanding and learning more about the parts of an airplane can make all the difference to the quality of your flight. Understanding the mechanics and their repair and maintenance, as well as the right aircraft products to use, can go a long way when the flight is in your own hands.

What are the Parts of a Plane?

A plane is made up of several essential sections and parts, being the fuselage, wings, tail fin, rudder, engine, and landing gear.

The fuselage is the main body of the plane, containing all the equipment and where the pilots and passengers sit. Fuselages come in all kinds of designs but what is important is that it is streamlined and sleek to move through the air easily and with as little drag as possible.

The wings are fixed to the fuselage and carry the plane through the air creating lift. Wings can be positioned in a low, mid, or high range and most modern airplanes are designed as monoplanes with one wing. Ailerons are found at the trailing edge of the wings and are auxiliary hinges used to manouver the plane. Speed created from the thrust of the engine is very important to the lift of the wings and it is for this reason that the fuel tank and engine itself are also kept in streamlined compartments on the plane, known as pods or nacelles.

The tail fin at the back of the plane provides directional stability during flight and controls the pitching of the plane. On the tail fin, itself are further auxiliary hinges that do the work of moving to maintain the correct pitch.

The rudder is also found on the tail fin which gives the plane the ability to move on a vertical axis, or yawing. This entire section on the tail fin with all its appendages and flaps is called the tail assembly or empennage. Over and above these mentioned, certain planes will have additional flaps which can be lowered on take-off and landing to assist with the lift.

The engine of the plane can be powered in different ways, such as by jet, propeller, rocket, or turbojet engine.

The landing gear is the understructure of the plane and includes the wheels of the plane. It can also be found in several other variations, such as a boat, skid, float, and ski designs. The landing gear assists with smooth landing and take-off, and assists with the run needed to take off and land.

Each of these sections of a plane requires attention, care, and maintenance to ensure a smooth and safe flight. Knowing the mechanics of a plane is vital for every pilot, whether a novice or one with thousands of hours beneath his or her belt.

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