A Brief History on Aircrafts

A Brief History on Aircrafts

Many people dream of flying since way back. Over six thousand years ago, drawings on tombs often showed gods that could fly. Leonardo da Vinci had been extremely interested in aviation and believed the way it would be done was to flap wings the way birds do. He began drawing various pictures of flying machines but never attempted to build any.

The invention of a steam engine changed and contributed to the growth of flight. Machines were able to make products such as cloth, steel and metal wire. Inventors used the materials to design and build flying machines. In the 1980’s, over two thousand aircraft were made and constructed of wire, wood and cloth and proved that flight was in fact possible.

Later on, the Wright brothers came along and though they were repairing bicycles for a living, they were too interested in aviation. After studying the work of Lilienthal, they decided to plan a flying machine with strong but lightweight materials. The brothers used wires from the wheel spokes, metal tubes from bicycle frames and the chain to drive the propeller. After many tests and a long hunt for a light engine, they eventually came up with the very first biplane.

When the very first World War started, aeroplanes, although considered unreliable were used in battle. As the war moved on, aeroplane design had been corrected. Better engines that lead to bigger planes, longer flights and higher speeds. By this time many people thought of aeroplanes as a military machine – so once the war had ended, aeroplane production stopped for a while. During the 1920’s, other uses of aeroplanes evolved which changed the perception of them being only for the military. Pilots flew to distant areas and brought supplies as well as opening up lines of communication.

All of this had changed in 1920 when a flight from New York to Paris took thirty-three hours. This quivered everyone’s imagination and eventually resulted in flights to unheard territories. However, in the 1930’s, aeroplanes become people movers, and the rest is history. Planes will only get better with the development of new technology and materials.

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