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2018 Commercial Trend in Aviation

In spite of longer lasting aircrafts, stronger engines and innovations in maintenance approaches, research has proved maintenance spending is continuing to increase. As a matter of fact, airlines spend more money on maintenance than fuel than ever before. The demand to reduce repair, maintenance and overhaul costs is a critical issue for airlines. So is the requirement to keep assets operationally on hand. But, how could airlines keep aircrafts in the air while reducing the cost of maintenance?

Maintenance is one of the biggest contributors to operating costs of an aircraft. Flight cancellations and delays from random maintenance cost airlines billions each year – as well as the impact on customer satisfaction. Due to this, the reducing of operating costs continues to be the top priority for airlines.

Digital twins, the greatest method of monitoring engines when being used, will assist airlines achieve these aims. A digital twin refers to a virtual duplicate of a physical asset, like an engine, which can display how it is running to engineers on the ground while the aircraft is in the air.

In order to make this happen, aircraft engineers put together thousands of data points set to each asset during the manufacturing and design phase of the engine. They are then used to build a digital model that monitors and tracks in real-time, providing information throughout the asset’s journey, such as engine pressure, airflow rate and temperature.

By executing digital twins and building a virtual model of the asset, operations can receive warnings and predications by simulating scenarios based on performance, weather and more, assisting to keep the aircraft in service for a longer time.

Geared with this data, engineers can compare the data by sensors on the asset to the digital twin, this can be put through the same paces the engine experiences flies through various weather conditions and undergoes regular wear and tear. If the two sets of data don’t match up, then the engine can enter servicing.

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