Weather Radars



With its advanced solid-state transmitter design eliminating the need for life limited magnetron tubes, the Garmin GWX 70 comprises the very latest and most reliable technology in onboard weather radar.


  • Intense weather (storm, tornado, hurricane) monitoring and alerts
  • – Synthetic aperture operation
  • – Fixed or vehicle mountGWX 70 Continued….
  • – Software configurable and defined radar
  • – Software selection includes
  • – Real-time agile frequency selection
  • – Pulse lengths
  • – Pulse compression ratios
  • – Time weighted window functions
  • – Doppler enabled performance to 40 nm
  • – Doppler ambiguity mitigation
  • – Pulse pair operation out to 40 nm
  • – Receiver gain
  • – Horizontal scan angle
  • – Vertical scan angle
  • – Configurable antenna scan profiles
  • Accessible data includes
  • – I and Q return data
  • – dBZ returns


On compatible displays, altitude compensated tilt in the GWX 70 reduces your workload by needing to manually adjust the radar’s tilt; simply set it once to the tilt angle you want, and it will automatically adjust with any change in altitude. Also, when interfaced with your aircraft’s analog gyro or AHRS system, the GWX 70 offers full radar stabilization to 30 degrees of pitch and roll. The GWX 70 also has a ground mapping mode that can assist in a number of applications — including navigation. Ground mapping mode provides a real-time depiction of the terrain below you.

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