Trig TI106 CDI

Trig’s TI106 is a 3″ Course Deviation Indicator, ideally matched for the TX56 and TX57. Using the latest generation of indicator technology, solid state actuators provide smooth and dependable navigational indications. Use of LED technology for both flags and backlighting provides a superior display compared to older legacy indicators. The TI106 will support most existing Nav/Com equipment, making it a suitable replacement CDI across general aviation.


  • FAA TSO-C34e certified CDI
  • Solid state technology
  • Superior LED lighting
  • Optimised for use with Trig Nav/Com units
  • Lightweight and simple to install
  • Ideal as a retro-fit CDI option


The TI106 is the perfect CDI for the TX56 Nav /Com. It can also be used to replace legacy indicators that have failed, as it shares compatibility with established Nav/Com technology.



SpecificationTI106 – CDI
CertificationETSo C34e, C36e, 2C40c
TSO-C34e, C36e, C40c
Supply voltage12-32 VDC
Typical consumption0.2Amps
Nominal Transmitter PowerN/A
Operating temperature-55°C to + 70°C
Cooling requirementN/A
Dimensions (mm)H 82.55mm x W 82.55mm x L 120.65mm
Front panel dimensions (mm)76mm
Dimensions (inches)H 3.25″ x 3.25″ x 4.75″
Front panel dimensions3″

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