Start Pac – 3328QC – LVP/SW – Lithium

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Li3328QC/50Amps – LVP/SW, Li3328QC/105Amps – LVP/SW, Li3328QC/200Amps – LVP/SW, Li3328QC/300Amps – LVP/SW, Li3328QC/400Amps – LVP/SW


Introducing Model Li3328QC, an advanced patented ground power unit (GPU) produced by Start Pac. The patented Quick Change design allows for 10-second battery changes in the field without tools, training, or downtime. These GPUs are designed for ground use in performing engine starting and maintenance functions for voltage sensitive aircraft. The Li3328QC-50 has a large maintenance free safe and proven lithium ion battery with a 62AH capacity for engine starting as well as a 50-amp power supply for powering aircraft systems. The 50/105/200/300/400 amp power supply provides 28.5V clean unlimited continuous no duty cycle power when connected to 110 Volt or 220 Volt AC. The depleted batteries of this GPU can be recharged in a matter of hours with the built-in battery chargers. This unit should always remain plugged in when not in operation to gain the maximum life of the battery bank. Leaving the unit plugged in prevents the Low Voltage System from being triggered so that the chargers maintain 100% battery charge without ever over charging the batteries.


The GPU is rated at 3200 peak starting amps and a continuous 50/105/200/300/400 Amp DC output when connected to a 110 Volt or 220 Volt AC source (voltage must be specified when order is placed). The Li3328QC weighs approximately 120 lbs. and is pulled by hand or tug. Locking the handle in an upright position sets the GPU brake. The environmentally friendly durable low VOC powder coating helps to make this unit weather resistant and the recyclable non-toxic lithium batteries can be easily and safely returned to the Earth without any detrimental environmental repercussions.

Always recharge the GPU until the green charger light appears. Once charged, leave the unit plugged in at all times when not in operation to gain the maximum life form the battery bank.

Avoid discharging the batteries completely by using the unit for powering aircraft electrical systems as damage can result. Once the battery voltage reaches a pre-set low level the Low Voltage Protection System recharge light on the unit will illuminate. The unit must be immediately plugged in to prevent further discharge. Failure to plug the unit in immediately can result in permanent battery damage. We also carry portable starting units powered by lithium batteries, other GPUs, and power supplies. If you would like more information about the products featured on this page, please submit a brochure request so that we may assist you within 24 hours or sooner.


  • 62 Amp Hours at 10 hour rate
  • 28 Volt DC
  • Sealed cells non-toxic safe lithium chemistry
  • 3200 Peak Amps
  • Patented Quick Change design
  • Low Voltage Protection System

Power supply/charger

  • 50/105/200/300/400 Amp DC continuous output
  • 28 – 28.5 Volt output
  • Over-voltage & Over-current protection
  • No duty cycle
  • Battery recharge time from discharge – 1-4 hours
  • AC Input – 110 Volt or 220 Volts (specify voltage at the time of order)

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