PMA8000 Series

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The PMA8000 Series Audio Selector Panel is the original GARMIN GMA340* Plug ‘N Play audio panel. This makes upgrading for the

aircraft owner who owns the GMA340 to the more capable PMA8000 as easy is sliding one out and sliding one back in.

For pilot’s who need more from their audio panel to meet their mission, there are several models to choose from, starting with the PMA8000B

all the way up to the PMA8000E, a true dual audio panel system.

There are several advanced functions that can be accessed by the front panel pushbuttons.

• Alternate Intercom Function places everyone on the intercom but the passengers will hear no aircraft radio and when the aircraft radio is active, the crew will not hear the passengers.

• Music Distribution allows front panel selection on how music 1 and music 2 will be distributed within the aircraft. There is also front panel control of music volume

• The Monitor Function allows the primary radio to mute the secondary radio, making it easier to catch ATC calls when you are listening to ATIS

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