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The PMA450A is the second generation digitally based audio panel that is based upon a DSP (Digital Signal Processor). The licensed patented technology from the United States Air Force that was designed for the fighter pilot, who is inundated with multiple audio signals, is now available to the GA pilots.

Another leap forward is PS Engineering’s improved and unique graphical user interface. Using OLED technology, the larger display not only makes it possible to view the display from any angle, it is larger to make use of the graphics capability of the display.

The new USB-C standard also brings more power to the pilot. This USB is for powering devices up to 15 Watts, 33% more powerful than was available before.

IntelliAudio® gives the pilot the capability to pay attention to the radio that is important to their flight at any one instant in time. Consider the Com 1 coming from the 10 O’clock position while Com 2 is coming from the 2 O’clock position, just like being at a cocktail party, you are able to pay attention to the person who is telling you something important while ignoring the other conversations around you.

The 3 Soft-key user interface is unprecedented for audio control panels. With more and more capability provided by our audio panels, we found it necessary to make the access to these functions easier. If you can read English (universal language of pilots) you’ll be able to get all of the capability from the PMA450A without ever having to open up the User’s Guide.

New option for the PMA450A is the PS Streamer. This system will stream selected audio to external, Bluetooth® enabled devices, such as compatible GoPro cameras or other audio dongles.

This audio panel is Plug ‘N Play with GARMIN’s GMA340, so making the upgrade, as easy as 1-2-3. The existing wire harness and tray that is installed for the GMA340 is complete and there is nothing to add or change. Get all of the new capabilities by simply removing and replacing. A simple log book entry is all that is required.

Download more information on the PAR 450A

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