Garmin GPS 150XL


The VFR panel-mounted GPS 150XL, along with its IFR counterpart, GPS 155XL TSO, combine moving map graphics with a fast, efficient GPS receiver. GPS 150XL shares the popular features as the 155XL TSO at a lower price for the VFR pilot.

View Graphics in Sharp Detail

Graphics appear in crisp detail on GPS 150XL’s 80 x 240 pixel display which has six times the contrast of other units’ displays, so its graphics are more refined and easier to read. For optimum viewing, a built-in photocell reads the light level and adjusts the display automatically from black-on-yellow to yellow-on-black for nighttime viewing.

Enhance Situational Awareness

In addition to the map itself, GPS 150XL features a Jeppesesn® database with airports, VORs, NDBs, intersections, SUAs and more. You can also view display speed, heading, track and distance information.

Operate with Ease

Like all Garmin avionics, GPS 150XL features a logical, intuitive design. Dedicated function keys, illuminated rotary knobs and a front-loading data cartridge for easy Jeppesen data updates make the 150XL easy to use.

GPS 150XL: Situational awareness on display.

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