WAAS Upgrade to Garmin GNS430/530

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Brings WAAS-level GPS Capability to Older GNS™ 430/530

  • Upgrades GPS engine, microprocessor and software to meet higher WAAS-level requirements
  • WAAS receiver now updates 5 times per second versus original 1-per-second rate
  • Increased positional accuracy supports ILS-like LPV glidepath GPS approaches
  • Enables more flexible departure/arrival procedures and more “direct to” routes
  • Meets NextGen WAAS requirements for ADS-B “Out” positioning reference

Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) upgrades bring your GNS 430/530 series devices up to FAA TSO-C146a standards for IFR GPS capability. WAAS provides additional accuracy, availability and integrity of satellite signals so you can rely on GPS for virtually all phases of flight anywhere within the WAAS coverage area.

Upgrading your GNS series navigator to WAAS gives you lateral and vertical guidance at most airports as well as lower IFR landing minimums. You’ll also be able to fly GPS-guided LPV glidepath instrument approaches to minimums as low as 200’.

The upgrade also gives you a faster microprocessor, upgraded software, improved terrain graphics, advanced terrain database and enhanced serviceability. Plus, with a Garmin ADS-B solution such as the GDL® 88datalink or GTX™ 345 transponder, your upgraded GNS navigator will be able to access and display subscription-free ADS-B weather and traffic (where available) — while it serves as the required WAAS position source for making your aircraft ADS-B “Out” compliant.

The new software will further enable full GPS steering for procedure turns, holding patterns and DME arcs (with compatible roll-steering autopilot).

With WAAS, thousands of previously access-limited general aviation airports can offer full LPV glidepath vertical approaches similar to a Category 1 ILS (where suitable airport conditions exist) — without adding the costly onsite infrastructure required to install a ground-based precision approach system.

In a very short time span, affordable WAAS approaches have significantly changed the landscape of IFR navigation. In fact, they outnumber ILS approaches in the U.S., with more than 3,700 published LPVs now in service.

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