MSA Gallet – LH250 Helmet

MSA Gallet Helicopter Helmets have been Engineered and Designed to meet the diverse requirements of both Fixed Wing and Rotor Wing Pilots & Crew. The Flight Helmet design makes these Helicopter Helmets the lightest weight and most comfortable Pilot Helmet in the industry, while still meeting all the U.S. Military and European Specifications. All Flight Helmets come with or without an Integrated Communication system made to U.S. Mil-Specs that can be customized to meet your specific flight applications.

Estimated price range starting from R39 000 – R48 000 depending on your requirements and rate of exchange

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LH 250 is MSA world recognized generation of flight helmet designed for pilots and crew members performing: Rescue, Combat or Transport flights on helicopters. LH 250 helmet includes dual visors.

  • Dual visor helmet with clipped inner one for protection and mission capability
  • Lightweight helmet to ensure maximum comfort during flight
  • Inner padding made of expanded polystyrene for comfort and stability
  • Carbon / aramid fiber shell ensuring durability and protection against shock and penetration
  • Solar visors for UV and IR protection, and high contrast visors available for low visibility environment


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