RAM Leg Kneeboard Mount for the Apple iPad

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The iPad is a great tool for aviators and a wonderful addition to any cock pit. RAM takes everything that is good about the iPad and makes it even better with mounting solutions tailor made to your specific needs. Our leg mount is second to none when it comes to comfort and viewing angles. Unlike similar products on the market, portrait or landscape view can be achieved as quickly as the iPad adjusts to your favorite position. Need the iPad out of the way and off your leg for a moment? No problem. RAM’s innovative ball and socket snap-link feature has just enough friction to maintain the desired position but also allows for quick and convenient removal. Why settle for a product that costs more and does less than RAM? Aviators worldwide have trusted RAM for well over a decade to provide products that are light weight, strong, and ready to take flight. Get the most out of your iPad. Get RAM.

RAM Mount Description:

The RAM leg kneeboard mount includes a custom high strength composite cradle for the Apple iPad, socket system, leg base and two straps for tight support. Providing ample support while keeping a low profile, the leg mount will not add bulk to the sleek form of your iPad.

Compatible Devices:

Apple iPad (1st Generation)

Apple iPad 2 (2nd Generation)


High Strength Composite


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