MidContinent SAM 302

The SAM 302 is in all-in-one backup indicator fitted nicely in a small, convenient and user friendly unit. The unit is a solid-state instrument making it extremely reliable and it also has a backup battery so in the event of electrical failure the unit will remain functional for an hour. The instrument displays altitude, attitude, airspeed, slip, vertical trend and also heading information.


Selectable Orientation

SAM delivers an easy-to-fit, compact design and selectable orientation (horizontal and vertical) like no other.

Field-upgradeable Software

SAM provides a convenient solution to software updates. Simply download the latest software to a USB drive and upgrade the unit on-site.

Emergency Battery

SAM features a rechargeable, field-replaceable battery that provides up to one hour of operation in the event of aircraft electrical power failure.

Supplemental Type Certificates

SAM is the first certified primary/secondary indicator to display attitude, altitude, airspeed, slip, vertical trend and heading information in an advanced, 2-inch format.

STC approved on 490 aircraft models, SAM’s light-weight, compact design and selectable orientation ensures a perfect fit within any panel.


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