Electronic Standby Instrument System
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Compact and dependable standby display unit for superior safety.

L3Harris’ ESIS-5000 offers the next generation of standby instrument technology specifically designed to meet the needs of mid- to large cabin business aviation pilots. Developed as a space-saving, reliable solution, the ESIS-5000 features an intuitive panel-mounted LED touchscreen indicating attitude, altitude, airspeed, heading, and navigation. In addition, the unit serves as the primary means of setting barometer correction in the cockpit, making it the ideal standby for any aircraft operator.


  • Multi-function display
  • Edge-to-edge LCD touchscreen
  • Lightweight < 2 lbs
  • Low Power < 10W

Small display provides big benefits

Simple-to-read flight guidance information is offered on the ESIS-5000 through an edge-to-edge front glass LED-backlit LCD touchscreen, offering pilots maximum viewing and easy access to menu settings and source selections. In addition, a clean mode is available that inhibits the touchscreen for trouble-free cleaning of the display, even during flight. For added safety, the intelligent declutter mode completely removes all display features and activates in the event of any standby conditions.

Lightweight, quiet functionality

The complete digital design and compact size of the ESIS-5000 helps to ensure it will easily fit in most business jets – without compromising functionality. And, weighing less than 2 lbs. (.91kg), the panel-mounted, multi-function display was developed without the need for a fan, helping to keep cockpits whisper quiet.

Flexible compatibility

Via ARINC 429 interfaces, the ESIS-5000 can communicate with existing Remote Data Concentrators (RDC), Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS), Air Data Systems (ADS), and Avionics Navigation Radios Systems for attitude, altitude, airspeed, heading, navigation, and flight guidanc



Maximum Height, Front Bezel: 3.580 inches [9.093 cm] Maximum Depth, Including Knob: 4.147 inches [10.530 cm] Maximum Depth, Front Bezel: 0.550 inches [1.397 cm] Maximum Height, Rear Chassis: 2.99 inches [7.595 cm] Maximum Width, Rear Chassis: 4.830 inches [12.268 cm] Weight: Actual 1.54 lbs. (0.70 kg) / Maximum 2.0 lbs. (0.91 kg)


Requirements and Consumption: +28.0 VDC nominal, 10.0 watts maximum


Operating Temperature: -15° to +55°C (+5° to +131°F)


Environmental Category: DO-160G
Software Category: DO-178B, Level B
Hardware Category: DO-254, Level B


ARINC 429 Receivers (8)
ARINC 429 Transmitter (2)
RS-422 Transceiver (1)
Analog Dim Bus Input (1)
Discrete Inputs (8)
Discrete Outputs (8)



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