NXG-900™ GPS

ADS-B Compliant WAAS Sensor
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The NXG-900 provides critical aircraft information including position, velocity, and ground track for ADS-B Out messages. Its versatile design allows signals from the GPS satellite constellation and Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS), including Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS), as well as other systems. This commercial off-the-shelf package is used with one or two ACSS NXT-600, NXT-700 or ATDL Mode S transponders to provide legacy aircraft operators with a simple path to satisfy upcoming ADS-B mandates. It will also work with select 3rd party transponders.

  • Rule-compliant WAAS position source
  • ADS-B In providing 978 MHz UAT, Free Weather (FIS-B)
  • Wi-Fi dongle interface module to compatible mobile applications
  • Certified to TSO-C145c, -C154c and C157a

The NXG-900 provides an ARINC 743A based output, while meeting the Part 25 aircraft environmental levels.



The NXG-900’s ADS-B receiver provides subscription-free weather (FIS-B) to mobile applications such as Android, iOS and Windows. FIS-B weather products include NEXRAD, CONUS NEXRAD, METARs, TAFs, PIREPs, winds and temperatures aloft, NOTAMs, AIRMETs and SIGMETs.


In addition to the GPS satellite constellation, SBAS and WAAS, the NXG-900 utilizes signals from EGNOS (Europe), GANAN (India), and MSAS (Japan).



Size (inches): 2.29″ (H) x 4.78″ (W) x 6.50″ (L)
Weight: 1.6 lb.
Mounting: 4-point Flange Mount
Cooling: Passive


Environmental: DO-160G
TSO/ETSO: C145c, C154c, C157a
Software: DO-178B Level C
ADS-B Capability: ADS-B In per DO-260B (for FIS-B)
GPS Capability: Class Beta-1 per RTCA DO-229D
Operating Altitude: Sea Level to 55,000 ft
NOTE: UAT capability is restricted to 24,000 feet or below
Operating Temperature: -55 to +70° C
Power: 28VDC
Power Consumption: 8.9 Watts (nominal), 11.5 Watts (maximum)
No. of Antenna Ports: 2 (GPS & L-Band/UAT)


Diagn. Tool Interface: Mini-USB or Wi-Fi
Mobile Applications: Wi-Fi
Transponder Interface: Compatible ACSS Transponders

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