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Displaying lightning information at ranges of 25-200 nmi, the Stormscope WX-500 is designed to interface with the most popular new generation of multi-function displays. With the WX-500, you can view lightning information directly on your MFD—either on a dedicated page or overlaid on the moving map.

Even if your MFD already has datalink weather, nothing provides the accuracy and timeliness of a Stormscope system for mapping ALL lightning activity. The WX-500 also lets you choose between strike and cell mode, depending on your preference. By adding the Stormscope WX-500 to SkyWatch® or SkyWatch® HP systems, traffic and lightning information can be superimposed over datalink weather or radar returns.* The operating modes of Stormscope WX-500 and SkyWatch are controlled directly through your MFD or radar indicator using an RGC350, eliminating the space and cost of an extra controller.

Thunderstorms by definition contain electrical discharge activity. As this activity increases within storm cells, the risk of severe turbulence due to convective windshear also increases. Stormscope Weather Mapping Systems were the first airborne instruments developed specifically to detect and map thunderstorms by analyzing the radiated signals of electrical discharges from storm cells. During the cumulus stage of a thunderstorm, storm cells are usually precipitation-free, and weather radar is unable to show you activity. Stormscope, by detecting the electrical activity already present as the storm builds, provides an accurate view of areas that you need to avoid.

Stormscope’s ability to determine both azimuth and range is made possible through years of intensive research that resulted in complex algorithms. These algorithms provide the reference information to analyze the unique characteristics of the signals. Stormscope processes this information to determine the location and intensity of dangerous thunderstorm cells, then presents the findings instantaneously, in real time.


 Weather mapping sensor that adds storm avoidance capability to many modern multi-function displays (MFD)

  • Interfaces with most popular MFDs thereby integrating lightning detection and avoidance information along with navigation and other data that MFD outputs
  • Up to 200 nautical mile range
  • Pilot selectable strike and cell modes
  • Display of airspace in 120� forward and 360� surrounding views
  • Heading stabilization
  • Stores lightning data on all ranges simultaneously
  • Strike rate indicator
  • Built-in self tests

Common MFD interfaces include: Arnav

MFD-5200 MFD
Bendix/King KMD-550 MFD
Bendix/King KMD-850 MFD
Garmin GNC-420 GPS/Comm
Garmin GNS-430 GPS/Nav/Comm
Garmin GNS-530 GPS/Nav/Comm
Garmin GNC-420 GPS/Comm
UPS Aviation MX-20 MFD


The i-linc ™ multi-function display from L-3 communication Avionics is an integrated solution that utilizes advanced flat-panel display technology and the power of high-speed computer processing. i-linc provides pilots with cues about what’s surrounding their aircraft and comes standard with pilot configurable chart features and basic terrain charting.

i-linc is part of L-3’s fully integrated avionics solution for enhanced situational awareness and safety. This scalable system allows you to interface with SkyWatch®, and SkyWatch® HP for collision avoidance, LandMark™ for terrain awareness, and Stormscope® for weather advisory. You can choose any configuration of SkyWatch, LandMark and Stormscope – from one to all three – offering a full spectrum of information all on a single display.

6″ diagonal color display Flight planning
Navigation Jeppesen Chart View
Direct sunlight readable Approach plates
Backlit, high tactile buttons GPS interface
Lightweight design Collision avoidance interface
Open architecture software Terrain avoidance interface
Intuitive page designs Lightning detection interface
Multiple charting options Digital color radar interface
Moving Map Radar display replacement
640×480 pixels & 65k color combinations

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