L3 Communication Stormscope WX-5000



The fastest, most reliable instrument to track lightning

Weather threats happen fast, but Stormscope systems are just as fast. Stormscope quickly and accurately provides real-time, flight-critical information about lightning and associated weather hazards such as turbulence and wind shear. Stormscope is unique in its ability to detect electrical activity as a storm builds, so it can show pilots which areas to avoid. For pilots who already have data link weather, the addition of a Stormscope system provides the complete weather picture as its happening.

Flexible display options

The Stormscope Model WX-500 displays lightning information at ranges of 25 nm to 200 nm and easily interfaces with most popular Multi-Function Displays (MFD). Lightning may be shown in strike or cell mode and is viewable on the MFD as a dedicated page or an overlay on the moving map.

Stormscope Model WX-950G

The Stormscope Model WX-950G is specifically designed to monitor lightning from the ground and can operate in cell (to understand storm intensity) or strike (to identify beginnings of a storm) mode. Ranges of 25, 50, 100 and 200 nm are available in 360-degree view or 120-degree forward-looking view.

Stormscope Model WX-1000 Series

Like all Stormscope systems, the WX-1000 Series provides early detection of storm cells, and displays lightning at ranges up to 200 nm, allowing pilots to monitor thunderstorm activity even before they leave the ground. Operators may choose from four selectable ranges, two separate views, a built-in checklist, and a timer to keep track of elapsed time on approach. The WX-1000E Series can be configured to display lightning on an EFIS or radar indicator.


Antenna 1.00 in. (2.54 cm) high
3.5 in. (8.76 cm) wide
6.9 in. (17.40 cm) long
Processor 5.6 in. (14.22 cm) high
2.2 in. (5.59 cm) wide
12 in. (29.11 cm) deep
including connector backshell
Processor 2.5 lb. (1.13 kg)
Antenna 0.84 lb. (0.38 kg) (without doubler)
Electrical Characteristics Input Voltage: 11 to 32 VDC
Current: 0.82 A(maximum)
@ 12 VDC
0.38 A (maximum)
@ 28 VDC
Specification Compliance Complies with FAA TSO C110A
JTSO foreign approvals
Environmental Characteristics Remote Processor:
Operating temperature range:
• -55 to +70 °C (-67 to +158 °F)
Operating altitude:
• 55,000 feet MSL maximum
Operating temperature range:
• -55 to +70 °C (-67 to +158 °F)
Operating altitude:
• 55,000 feet MSL maximum


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