Lightspeed FlightLink App

FlightLink is the free, proprietary app developed by Lightspeed for the iPad® and iPhone® that adds enhanced functionality to Lightspeed headsets. With Zulu 3, Tango, and Sierra headsets, FlightLink works seamlessly to capture and retrieve incoming and outgoing communications. When combined with PFX, FlightLink’s enhanced capabilities also allow users to set a variety of personal audio and operational preferences.


FlightLink features — Zulu 3, Tango, Sierra, PFX, and Zulu.2

Never miss a vital transmission while in flight

Immediate replay of ATC calls

Draw or erase notes or diagrams on the scratchpad with your fingertip

Permanent archive of all flight communications for post-flight briefing and training

Valuable tool for flight training at all levels by capturing the intercom communication of intructional flights

Easily register your Lightspeed headset and receive timely notices of updates, special offers, and invitations from Lightspeed
FlightLink features — PFX only

Record in-cockpit communication using wired input or Bluetooth

Configure and save key audio and operational settings to a personal profile

Fine-tune audio response for maximum clarity

Turn on the Voice Clarity™ option to boost frequencies common in human speech without impacting the quality of music from auxiliary devices

Firmware enhancements are just a download away, giving PFX unlimited potential to evolve with new innovations

Instant, automatic product registration over the internet


Download the App:


FlightLink works seamlessly with newer Lightspeed Aviation Zulu.2 headsets. Older Zulu.2 headsets may qualify for a factory installed retrofit at a nominal fee. For more information on a retrofit, contact Century Avionics, 011 701 3244 or

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