Genesys Aerosystems EFIS System Integration

Flexible Platform, Future-forward Technology and Agile Development Team


With Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) from FAA and complete ODA support staff — including electrical and mechanical engineers, A&P mechanics, avionics installers, conformity inspectors, administrators, and pilots — Genesys Aerosystems has unique resources and expertise to bring safe and innovative EFIS systems to market much more rapidly and economically.

The 3D synthetic vision EFIS offers:

  • Flexible, future-proof platform. Integrated capabilities reduce box count and speed integration…Genesys Aerosystems has delivered advanced glass cockpits in as little as six months…from drawing board to first flight.
  • Total flexibility. Adaptable platform supports any mission without costly or time-consuming completion center customizations so you can get into service faster at lower cost.
  • Comprehensive, system-level integration. Navigation, communications, and warning systems communicate in real time to reduce pilot workload, enhance safety and improve command and control.
  • Low total cost of operations. Spend less on maintenance and replacement parts while experiencing greater uptime and higher mission completion rates.
  • Future-proof. Built-in support/interfaces for FLIR, Satcom, DF, HF/UHF, TACAN, Datalink, SELCAL, Tactical radios, and more provide a simple, low-cost path to future upgrades.



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