Genesys Aerosystems System 20/30

No additional panel space needed with the system Twenty & Thirty as it fits in the same space as your turn and slip indicator. Choose either between 1-Axis or 2-Axis systems. Ideal for pilots on the budget. STC’d for hundreds of light single and medium twin aircraft.


System Thirty ALT Specs

  • Compact, panel-mounted engagement switch
  • Remote-mounted pitch computer and absolute pressure transducer


  • Control wheel mounted engage/disengage switch
  • Manual electric trim

System Sixty PSS Specs

  • Panel mounted programmer/mode selector
  • Remote-mounted pitch computer and absolute transducer
  • Automatic pitch synchronization at engagement


  • Automatic electric pitch trim (where STC’d)
  • Altitude Selector/Alerter
  • Yaw Damper

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