Genesys Aerosystems System 60-2

Compact design to fit into your panel and to easily know the status of the autopilot at a quick glance. Start off with a basic autopilot installation and easily add functionality like GPPS and Yaw Damper if needed in the future.


Automatically and smoothly inercept en route NAV signals(VOR/GPS). User friendly interface so the flight can be as efficient and safe as possible. Mode selector buttons for Heading (HDG), tracking VOR/GPS en route (NAV), Localizer backcourse (REV), vertical speed (VS) and altitude (ALT).


  • 3” ATI panel-mounted
  • Heading preselect & hold*
  • Altitude hold with altitude trim
  • Course intercept capability
  • NAV mode
  • Dual Mode – HDG/NAV
  • NAV mode
  • Dual mode – HDG/NAV
  • VOR/LOC/GS/REV/GPS coupling with automatic gain levels
  • VOR/LOC/GS/REV/GPS course deviation and NAV flag warning
  • Vertical speed command
  • Pitch trim annunciation


  • DG/HSI compatible
  • Single cue flight director interface compatible
  • ST-360 altitude selector/alerter system
  • Automatic or manual electric trim

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