Genesys Aerosystems S-TEC 2100

The IntelliFlight 2100 Autopilot is a 3-Axis autopilot that significantly reduces the pilots workload during IFR flights. The IntelliFlight is fitted with advanced servos, solid-state gyros and sensors which is how it is capable of achieving the precision needed when flying an approach down to minimums.



The Intelliflight 2100 operates directly with certain Primary Flight Displays and your navigation which means the Autopilot can take over as soon as you are airborne and handle the rest of the flight up until the runway is in sight.

Indicated Airspeed hold allows the pilot to choose a specific airspeed for the aircraft with the touch of button, this function comes in handy when climbing or descending with the autopilot egaged.

GPS Steering which allows the autopilot to receive the GPS information from your compatible panel mounted GPS to fly GPS approaches, missed approaches and any other phase of the flight with excellent precision.


  • Heading Preselect & Hold PFD Integration
  • Altitude Preselect & Hold w/Autotrim
  • Digital Vertical Speed Command
  • Yaw Damper
  • Course Intercept Capability
  • Dual Mode – HDG/NAV & HDG/APR
  • NAV Flag Warnings
  • Flight Director
  • Pitch Steering
  • Control Wheel Steering
  • GPS Steering (GPSS)
  • Envelope Protection and Alerting
  • Heading Control
  • Vertical Speed Control
  • Indicated Airspeed Control
  • Autopilot Mode Annunciations
  • Voice Annunciations
  • All Axis Trim Control

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