Garmin GPS 3000

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High-integrity GPS Position Sensor

  • Remote GPS SBAS/WAAS position source with ruggedized design meets requirements for commercial air transport, military, regional and business aircraft
  • GPS 3000 is compatible with select flight management system (FMS) interfaces to support GPS guidance for terminal, en route and approach navigation
  • Meets applicable ADS-B high-integrity position source standards, including DO-160, TSO-C145d Class 3 and DO-178B

Helping air transport, defense and business aircraft operators meet the demands of NextGen air traffic modernization initiatives around the globe, the GPS 3000 remote position sensor offers a robust system upgrade solution that can be integrated and interfaced with a wide variety of systems for reliable, high-integrity performance.

Broad Integration Potential

GPS 3000 is a compact, remote-mount 15-channel GPS receiver (capable of 5 position updates per second) that uses enhanced WAAS/SBAS GPS satellite signals to provide ultra-precise, DO-260B compliant position data. It provides an ARINC 743A-5 GNSS interface over an industry-standard ARINC 429 data bus for those who wish to integrate GPS 3000 with existing avionics systems. When so configured, the GPS 3000 sensor can provide position source information to the FMS, meeting requirements for required navigation performance (RNP) and supporting GPS-based vertical approach capability for coupled LPV approaches and other NexGen flight applications¹. GPS 3000 will also support compatible TAWS, ADS-B and TCAS interfaces. When paired with a rule-compliant transponder such as our GTX 3000, the GPS 3000 sensor can be used as a stand-alone position source to create a cost-effective, minimally invasive ADS-B “Out” solution with the flexibility to integrate with the existing aircraft navigation or FMS, as desired.

¹FMS must be capable of utilizing information provided by GPS 3000 to perform these operations


Physical & Performance

  • Unit size: 3.04″W x 3.56″H x 9.04″D (77.2 x 91.4 x 229.4 mm)
  • Weight: 1.9 lbs (0.86 kg), unit
  • Electrical: 14 or 28 VDC aircraft power
  • Environmental: DO-160F
  • Software: DO-178B Level B
  • TSO: TSO-C145d
  • Number of GPS Channels: 15 (12 GPS and 3 GPS/SBAS)
  • Position Update Interval: 0.2 sec (5 Hz)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -55°C to +70°C
  • Maximum Altitude: 55,000 feet

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