Garmin G600 TXi

G600 TXi is a revolution in retrofit flight displays. It boasts a clean-sheet touchscreen design and builds on the proven capabilities of our original G600 glass flight display series to offer you a vastly expanded array of features, options and panel layout possibilities. It also includes system software that meets the higher assurance levels required for FAR Part 23 Class 3 aircraft (typically piston or turbine aircraft weighing between 6,000 lbs and 12,500 lbs). Backed by our No. 1-ranked product support team, the G600 TXi upgrade makes it easy to bring next-generation technology to virtually any cockpit you can fly without a type rating.

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Scalable Glass Cockpit Touchscreen Solutions

  • Bright, crisp 10.6” and 7” LCD touchscreen displays offer industry-leading scalability and flexibility in a wide range of panel configurations
  • Meets higher software assurance levels required for Part 23 Class 3 aircraft (MTOW more than 6,000 lbs and 12,500 lbs)
  • Engine information system (EIS) optionally available on dedicated 7” display or 10.6” display with split-screen data strip
  • HSI mapping enhances situational awareness with MFD-like geographical map detail, weather, traffic display and more — overlaid within HSI portion of the primary flight display (PFD)
  • Interfaces with popular avionics and autopilots, offering full touchscreen system continuity with our GTN650/750 series¹
  • Full compatibility with original G600 system sensors for a simplified, cost-effective upgrade path

Going with Glass Just Got Easier

G600 TXi glass touchscreens integrate with the GTN touchscreen GPS/Nav/Comm series¹ to provide a fully certified glass suite solution — with reliable attitude/heading reference system(s) (AHRS) replacing the old-style, maintenance-prone mechanical gyros in your system. Available in 7” portrait or landscape orientations — and in a larger 10.6” horizontal format — the G600 TXi displays offer a variety of configurations to fit your panel and budget. The 10.6” displays accommodate primary flight (PFD)  and a multifunction display (MFD) within the same unit. Optional engine, fuel and electrical readouts can also be viewed in a vertical strip alongside the PFD/MFD information on the 10.6” display. The 7” portrait format can be dedicated to PFD (with HSI map), MFD or EIS displays. And the 7” landscape format is configured to provide a dedicated, standalone EIS display.

Flexible Configuration Options

In configuring your system, you can mix and match up to 4 of the high-resolution touchscreen displays in your cockpit. Or you can start with a single 7” portrait display serving as your PFD, and expand the system’s capabilities by adding additional G600 TXi displays. The variety of G600 TXi screen sizes and display orientations can support more than 25 different approved cockpit configurations and more than 600 aircraft makes and models. And each display offers the capability to have a built-in AHRS along with an air data computer (ADC) module integrated on the back of the display unit. As an additional option for remote mounting, a combined air data and attitude heading reference system (ADAHRS) is available, or AHRS and ADC units are available separately. For aircraft already equipped with the orginal G600 series flight displays, full TXi compatibility with existing system sensors makes for an easy, cost-effective upgrade path.

Standalone or Integrated Engine Information

Whether it’s integrated in a split-screen view on the 10.6” display or shown on a dedicated 7” display, engine and fuel monitoring data is easy to access and interpret with G600 TXi. The optional engine information system is compatible with most popular Lycoming or Continental 4- to 6-cylinder engines (whether normally aspirated or turbocharged) and can provide support for both single- and twin-engine aircraft. Prominent engine gauges on the display provide real-time indications and support for lean assist mode, pilot advisories and more — enabling you to optimize fuel economy while maintaining high efficiency and performance from your engine(s). Better still, EIS data is automatically logged to an SD™ card and, with Connext®, is wirelessly downloaded to the Garmin Pilot™ app to export for analysis¹.

State-of-the-art Touchscreen Technology    

Leveraging the experience gained in designing and fielding thousands of integrated flight displays, Garmin built the TXi series from the ground up. The displays feature an intuitive menu interface that lets you use familiar knobs and/or touchscreen inputs to quickly access the functions, screen views and other flight information you want to see. Powerful dual-core processors boost the system’s graphical display capabilities — with faster zooming, panning and map rendering. Plus, modernized fonts and backlighting offer improved readability and increased display clarity to help lighten your in-flight visual workload.

HSI Mapping Helps Focus Your Scan

To provide even more situational awareness, G600 TXi includes HSI mapping capabilities that put an MFD-like perspective map view within the HSI portion of your PFD. In addition to the geographical map, the HSI map view can also support the overlay of NEXRAD imagery and weather inputs from ADS-B and SiriusXM®datalinks. Additional overlays include SafeTaxi® airport diagrams, traffic, terrain and more. HSI map control and onscreen navigation are a snap, thanks to a Garmin innovation that lets you zoom in or out on the map, using a simple and natural single-finger swipe gesture.

Synthetic Vision Comes Standard       

Our 3-D SVT synthetic vision technology comes pre-installed on your G600 TXi system. Using sophisticated graphics modelling, SVT provides a virtual reality perspective view of ground and water features, obstacles and optional traffic — all shown in relative proximity to your aircraft. So, rather than looking at the PFD, you’ll have a sense of looking through it, to “see” what lies beyond the nose of your aircraft. SVT clearly enhances your view of primary flight data by giving it a realistic visual frame of reference — especially in solid IFR or night time/marginal VFR conditions.

High-level Avionics Integration

G600 TXi was designed to interface with a wide range of avionics equipment, including our digital GFC™ 600 series and other popular autopilots installed in FAR Part 23 piston and turbine aircraft. You can use the G600 TXi touchscreens for control/display of heading, course and navigation source inputs as well as autopilot mode annunciations and more (with compatible inputs). As an option, separate dedicated PFD controllers are also available in 5 different control layouts for continuity with the specific autopilot system installed in the aircraft. G600 TXi also offers advanced integration capability with GTN series navigators, providing full touchscreen continuity between the navigation, communication and flight display functions in your panel.

Redundancy Adds Assurance

For extra piece of mind in systems where multiple displays are installed, G600 TXi is designed to enter a reversionary mode — allowing a single 7” portrait or 10.6″ display to present primary flight instrumentation and engine indications (if EIS equipped) — in the unlikely event of another display failing or shutting down. The displays have backup GPS receivers built-in as well, providing redundancy in the event your system’s primary GPS navigator ever fails. In addition, an optional backup battery is available for the 7” portrait TXi displays. If there’s ever an unexpected loss of power to your avionics, this backup battery will provide power to your display for 30 minutes — allowing time for you to locate and land at the nearest airport.

Connext Cockpit Connectivity

For even more ease-of-use functionality, team your G600 TXi displays with a GTN 650/750 series navigator and our Flight Stream 510 wireless gateway¹. This setup enables our Connext wireless cockpit connectivity, which lets you stream information in real time between your avionics and compatible mobile devices running the Garmin Pilot or ForeFlight Mobile apps. This turns your tablet or smartphone into a true cockpit interface. You can use your mobile device to create flight plans whenever and whereiver it’s convenient, and then easily transfer the data to your avionics once you get to the airport. You can also wirelessly stream weather, traffic, attitude information and more from your avionics to your compatible device². Plus, by using Database Concierge via Flight Stream 510, you can wirelessly transfer aviation databases downloaded to the Garmin Pilot app on your mobile device to your GTN 650, GTN 750 and G600 TXi system.

Add Weather, Traffic and Other Options

G600 TXi seamlessly integrates with a variety of optional sensors and datalinks to support the latest weather and traffic monitoring capabilities. Our Doppler-capable GWX™ 70 onboard color radar features a reliable, solid-state design as well as optional turbulence detection and ground clutter suppression capabilities. For pilots flying in the U.S., our GTX 345 series all-in-one ADS-B transponders provide easy access to subscription-free ADS-B weather and advanced dual-link traffic services. Plus, by installing a GDL® 69A satellite receiver with your system, you can add ground-and-airborne-accessible SiriusXM satellite weather and audio entertainment channels to the mix (subscriptions required). For a worldwide datalink solution, the Garmin GSR 56 receiver provides weather data and radar imagery through the Iridium® global satellite network. And for even more advanced traffic surveillance in high-density airspace, G600 TXi integrates with select TAS or TCAS systems, including our GTS™ family of traffic surveillance products.

It’s Nice to Be Remembered

To help you keep things the way you like them, your individual pilot profile settings on G600 TXi can be saved³ within the system or loaded onto a removable SD card. This also means you can also take your settings with you to another G600 TXi-equipped aircraft. Pilots operating within a flight department will especially appreciate this feature. Your preferred settings for backlighting, map settings and more can all be configured under your custom profile — allowing you to easily restore your system preferences prior to each flight.


ADF ReceiverCollinsADF-60A/B
HoneywellKR 87
KDF 806
Honeywell (Bendix King)KR 85KR 85 interface via GAD 43e.
Audio PanelsGarminGMA 340
GMA 342
GMA 345
GMA 347
GMA 35(c)
GMA 350(c)
GMA 35(c) requires installation of GTN 7XX for control functions.
Honeywell (Bendix King)KMA 24
KMA 26
KMA 28
KMA 30
PS EngineeringPMA 6000
PMA 7000 Series
PMA 8000 Series
PAR 200
Autopilot – HSI OutputBendixM4C, M4D
300 IFCS/400 IFCS/800 IFCS
1000A IFCS
CollinsAPS-65 ( )
Honeywell (Bendix King)KAP 100/150/200
KFC 150/200/250
KAP 140
KFC 225/275/325
KFC 300
60 PSS
Autopilot – Altitude Preselect/Vertical Speed Select via GAD 43eCollinsAPS-65 ( )
Honeywell (Bendix King)KAP 150
KFC 150
KFC 200/250
KFC 275/325
S-TEC55, 55X, 60-2, 65, 60PSS
Autopilot – Attitude Source via GAD 43eCentury21/31/41/2000
Cessna300B IFCS/400B IFCS/800B IFCS (Type IF-550A)
400B (Type AF-550A)
1000A Series (Types AF/IF-1050A)
Honeywell (Bendix King)KAP 100
KAP 150/KFC 150
KAP 200/KFC 200
KFC 250
KFC 225/275/325
KFC 300
Autopilot – External Flight DirectorBendixM-4D
Cessna300B IFCS/400B IFCS/800B IFCS
1000A IFCS
Honeywell (Bendix King)KFC 150/200/250
KFC 225/275/325
KFC 300
S-TEC55, 55X
Datalink Weather Display and ControlGarminGDL 69/69A
GDL 88
GSR 56
GTX 345
GDL 69A also provides SiriusXM radio entertainment.
GSR 56 also provides text/voice communication.
GDL 88 and GTX 345 provide ADS-B data.
DME via GAD 43eCollinsDME-42
Parallel tuning available for DME-42.
Honeywell (Bendix King)KDM 706(A)
KN 62/64
KN 63
Parallel tuning for 706(A) and 63 available.
GPS SourceGarmin400W/500W Series
GNS 480
Marker Beacon via GAD 43e.GarminGMA 35/340/342/345/347/350(c)
Honeywell (Bendix King)KMA 24/26/28/30
PS EngineeringPMA 6000/7000/8000
Navigation ReceiverGarminGNC 255( )
GNS 430W/530W
GNS 480 (CNX80)
GTN 650/750
CollinsVIR-32/33VIR-32/33 interface via GAD 43e.
Honeywell (Bendix King)KX 155/155A/165/165A
KX 170B/175B
KN 53
KX 155/155A/165/165A interface via GAD 43e.
KN 53 interface via GAD 43e.
Radar AltimetersCollinsRAC-870
ALT-50A interface via GAD 43e.
ALT-55B interface via GAD 43e.
Honeywell (Bendix King)KRA 405B
KRA 10/10A
KRA 405
KRA 10/10A interface via GAD 43e.
KRA 405 interface via GAD 43e.
AA-100 interface via GAD 43e.
AA-100A interface via GAD 43e.
AA-200 interface via GAD 43e.
Stall Protection and Warning UnitEMCASPWG92
TAS/TCAS/TIS Traffic Display and ControlGarminGTX 33( )/330( )/335
GTS 800/820/850
GTX 335 is TIS-A traffic only.
HoneywellKTA 810/KMH 820
KTA 910/KMH 920
L3 Communications (Goodrich)SKY497/SKY899
Avidyne (Ryan)TAS 600/610/620 (9900BX)
ADS-B Traffic DisplayGarminGDL 88
GTX 345
Weather Radar Display and ControlGarminGWX 68
GWX 70(R)
Honeywell (Bendix King)RDS 81 (RS 811A)
RDS 82 (RS 181A)
RDR 2000 (ART 2000)
RDR 2100 (ART 2100)

Supported Hardware

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