The GTS 8000 is the leading edge of traffic surviellance.


  • A fully TCAS II/ACAS II Change 7.1 compliant system
  • Issues Resolution Advisories to help clear conflicts
  • Displays vertical speed constraints and climb/descend info
  • Active traffic is enhanced with ADS-B “In” for a comprehensive traffic picture
  • Upgradeable for NextGen/SES System applications

The GTS 8000 does not only display traffic threats as clear and accurate as possible, but also directs pilots on how to best clear these conflicts through audio instructions(Known as “Resolution Advisory(RA) ). Also receives information from ADS-B “Out” equipped aircraft for increased traffic awareness.

It will also detect other aircraft equipped with TCAS II equipment and instruct accordingly if a possible collision might occur. For example you will hear “Climb, Climb” in your headset, while the other aircraft equipped with TCAS II equipment will hear “Descend, Descend”.

Compatible with a range of Garmin Multifunction displays, contact us for more information.

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