GMA 35/35C Remote Audio Panel


The GMA 35/35C is a remote transponder designed for use with the GTN 650 series touchscreen navigators. Featuring next-generation audio processing capabilities such as advanced auto squelch and record/playback functionality.

The GMA 35/35C fits securely behind your GTN 750 so no need to look for panel space once your GTN 750 is installed. The system offers 3 COMM support and auto squelch capabilities to automatically adapt to quiet or noisy cockpits so that you do not miss important ATC communications.

The GMA 35C has everything the GMA 35 has to offer plus added Bluetooth capabilities. Connect your phone or any audio source via Bluetooth to listen to music or have telephone conversations through the audio panel.


  • Remote mounted for use with the GTN 750 series
  • 6 or 7 position intercom: pilot, copilot, 4 or 5 passengers
  • 3 stereo headset amplifiers: pilot, copilot and passengers
  • 2 stereo music source inputs
  • Up to 8 selectable intercom operational modes with synoptic intercom routing
  • Independent pilot, copilot and passenger intercom volume controls
  • Individual VOX processing for each MIC input
  • Automatic selection of radio audio source when corresponding MIC is selected
  • Automatic volume adjustments based on ambient sound levels
  • Flexible split COMM transceiver function. Copilot may transmit and receive on one COMM while pilot transmits and receives on another.
  • Marker beacon receiver

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