David Clark H9900

Ideal for Deicing Vehicle Drivers. Headset-Mic Over-the-Head, Single Ear. Over-the-Head, Single-ear style allows hearing of ambient noise.


  • Rugged, reliable construction construction
  • Dynamic earphone with stainless steel retainers
  • M-2 dynamic microphone, water-resistant protection and superlative noise cancelling
  • Hybrid wire-flex boom for precise placement
  • Volume control on dome for preferred listening level
  • Undercut, Comfort-Gel Ear Seals
  • 4-chamber, air-flow pillow headpad
  • Dual chambered temple cushion

Warranty & Repairs


  • Century Avionics is the only Southern-Africa authorized repair centre for all David Clark Headsets except Noise-Cancelling models which needs to be send back to USA for repair.

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