BendixKing KDI 573 DME Display

Distance measuring equipment (DME) display for copilot and crew used with the KDI 572/574


Use the KDI 573 with the KDI 572 or KDI 574 as a distance measuring equipment (DME) display for copilot and crew. It comes without a selector switch. Models available with an indicator to show whether the KDI 572/574 master control is in NAV 1, NAV 2, or DME HOLD mode.

The compact KDI 573 takes up a minimal amount of cockpit space. A light-sensing photocell provides automatic dimming for the gas charge display. Available with 28 or 5 VDC lighting.

Use with the KN 63, KDM 706, KDM 706A, or KTU 709. TSOd.



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