BendixKing KTA 870 TAS Traffic

With more than 10,000 TCAS II/ACAS II installations on more than 325 aircraft types, BendixKing is the overwhelming choice in collision avoidance for airline and corporate pilots. BendixKing delivers an active-interrogation Traffic Advisory System (TAS) in the KTA 870 Traffic Advisory System.



The BendixKing traffic systems can track up to 60 aircraft and display information on up to 30. Eight pilot-selectable ranges from 2 nm to 40 nm show three levels of intruders: non-threat, proximity intruder and Traffic Advisory (TA).
The KTA 870 features two directional antennas, each weighing less than a pound, and taking up a third the space of traditional TCAS antennas. The directional antennas, one placed on top of your aircraft, the other on the bottom, minimize own-aircraft shadowing and maximize range. A bottom omni-directional antenna is also available for aircraft with fixed gear.

Measuring only 3.5 in. wide by 5.95 in. deep and weighing less than a pound, the KA 815 directional antenna is the smallest and lightest TCAS antenna available today, simplifying installation, minimizing interference with existing antennas and reducing drag.
The KTA 870 benefits from flexible display volumes. The system displays aircraft up to 8,700 feet above or below your aircraft. On takeoff, you can select the above view, and the system will display traffic 8,700 feet above and 2,700 feet below to concentrate on the space above you; on approach, you can select “below” and the system will display traffic 2,700 feet above and 8,700 feet below. Enroute, a normal selection will track aircraft 2,700 feet above and below your aircraft.


Power RequiredKTA 870: 8.75 lbs. (3.97 kg)KA 815: 0.95 lb. (0.43 kg)
Maximum Altitule51,500 ft.
WidthKTA 870: 4.5 in. (11.4 cm)KA 815: 3.5 in. (8.9 cm)
HeightKTA 870: 7.0 in. (17.8 cm)KA 815: 2.7 in. (6.9 cm)
LengthKTA 870: 13.8 in. (35.1 cm)KA 815: 5.95 in. (15.1 cm)
TSOC147 Class A, C151a Class B
Rating Temp-55°C to +70°C
Power Rated22-30 VDC


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